Thursday, September 20, 2007

Week 5

Today, I read "Connecting the Digital Dots: Literacy of the 21st Century." The entire gist of the article was to say that literacy today is very different from what we perceived literacy to be 20 years ago. Today's students are much more savvy using computers and technologies that their instructors are not as well-versed in or don't understand at all. Jones-Kavalier and Flannigan, the authors, are pushing academic institutions to use professional development to bring instructors into 21st century literacy.

I don't believe that all schools these days are behind in trying to teach students digital and visual literacy. I worked on research for writing a grant for the Lawrence Township Schools who received a grant to promote digital and visual literacy. I think we have to also go back to an earlier discussion. No one person can be an expert because there is just too much information in any one subject. Being digitally literate in this day and age is extremely important.

The article also defines both digital and visual literacy. There seem to be a variety of definitions. The quote I liked was very simply put: "Literacy, in any form, advances a person's ability to effectively and creatively use and communicate information."

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