Friday, September 21, 2007

Week 5 Part 2

I read "Electronic Portfolios Need Standards to Thrive." I found the notion of an Electronic Portfolio (EP) an interesting one. The actual gist of the article was just to say that standards are needed so that EPs could continue to capture a picture of lifelong learning. Without the standards the EP would be difficult to transfer from institution to institution.

The description of the EP was very interesting in that anyone could create an EP and after a number of files were included, separate views could be set up so that a folder could be customized for a particular purpose and permission could be given by the owner for an individual or a group to view it. For example, the owner could create a folder that would demonstrate their skills and abilities when applying for a job or applying to a school.

The article outlined the system used by the University of Minnesota (UM) which has been given to the Open Source Portfolio Initiative (OSPI) in hopes that others will follow, so standards can be adopted for the EP. The article has a definite higher education bent to it however, I was thinking it would be very interesting to begin an EP in high school. Many high schools are now requiring some type of portfolio of work for a graduation requirement. Why not make it an electronic portfolio to follow the students throughout their lifelong learning adventure.

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